Huron ridden Doma Vaquera

Arimar Farm offers classical dressage training for horses of all breeds, ages, and skill levels, from Training Level to Haute Ecole (including Airs Above Ground and Doma Vaquera -- traditional Spanish Cowboy Riding.) Contact Eileen for more information about classical training for your horse.


About Eileen
The daughter of a carriage driving expert, Eileen Webb started riding horses before she could walk. Her father taught her the basics of courage and self-confidence around horses at a very young age. Her family initially trained and showed Arabians, Quarter Horses and gaited horses, but Eileen eventually decided she would like to specialize in dressage.
For a short time, Eileen rode with the "Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show," a famous travelling troupe that performs throughout the world, bringing dressage to the public.
Eileen has personally trained numerous horses, including her Iberian Stallions as well as many other breeds. She states, the horses that you personally train from the beginning and the students you teach are your business card. In the end, they should be exceptionally good." Eileen and her husband Mark raise and train Iberian horses at ther farm in Plymouth, Wisconsin, nestled in the beautiful Kettle Moraine Forest, one hour north of Milwaukee.